Youth Leadership & Business Summit 2021

Learn, connect, grow, inspire.

The Youth Leadership & Business Summit is a one-of-a-kind event designed to inspire success for young people in all aspects of life – sharing ideas on leadership, entrepreneurship, effective communication, health and more.

Learn the skills and confidence to create the life you want for yourself – finding and embracing the strengths you have inside yourself, while having fun and connecting with other people like you to form lifelong friendships.

The 2021 summit is going to be held online as a 2 day program with participants from all around the country (and the world!) with loads of inspirational speakers, interactive sessions and activities. Join us to discover your potential.

Magic Moments Online 2021

Connect with other like-minded young people and go beyond what is taught at school to learn skills such as…

Entrepreneurship and business

Entrepreneurship and business

Entrepreneurship and business skills

Money management and financial literacy

Contribution and community awareness

Community awareness and contribution

Health, wellness and mindfulness

Health, wellness and mindfulness

State and emotion management

Emotional sensitivity and management

Self-worth and handing conflict

Self-worth and handing conflict

After previous events, participants ranked their skills as much higher across the board, with improved confidence to put them into practice in their everyday lives.

Below shows the proportion of participants who ranked themselves highly pre-event vs post event across different skills. 

Youth Leadership & Business Summit
Confidence in Leadership Skills
Confidence in Collaborative Skills
Confidence in Self Confidence
Confidence in Financial Skills
Confidence in the Future
Youth Leadership & Business Summit

Who can attend?

If you are aged between 14 and 17, we would love to have you join us from wherever you are in the world.

You’ll meet other participants, as well as a dedicated team of inspirational adults – including attendees from previous years who have returned to step up into leadership roles and even speakers!

Youth Summit

Event Details


The world has changed a lot in the last 18 months, and the two day program has been designed with the current global conditions in mind.

Our speakers have created customised sessions to address current issues that young people like you have to deal with on a day-to-day basis, and we’ll be conducting the event online.


Online, via Zoom webinar




Tuesday 6th +
Wednesday 7th July 2021 

9 – 4pm AEST each day



$97 AUD

This includes 12 hours of amazing content and support materials, as well as access to post-event updates and content.

Don’t just take our word for it!


I have so much more confidence in myself now and have so many more friends…[it’s an] inspirational summit that helps you believe in yourself and gives you leadership strategies to achieve the goals you want.

- Aaron D


Since then my whole life has changed. I have the tools, resources and belief in myself to chase my dreams and turn them into reality.

- Paris M


[Magic Moments] shaped me as a person in that I find it easier to open up to others whilst balancing my strong leadership qualities and helping others do the same.

- Pheobe R


The summit taught me to correctly find my values and align myself with my values, it’s taught me to be grateful for any situation in life, good or bad. The knowledge gained from areas of leadership, gratitude, kindness, visualisation, self love and worth is priceless.

- Kobe M

Need help convincing your parent or guardian?

Get them up to speed and show them the value of the program to you and your future.

You can download a flyer about the program to show them, or send them a link to a page describing the program to them.


Just some of our amazing event crew!

Our amazing speakers

Heather Yelland

Heather Yelland

Heather Yelland is widely regarded as a powerful and energetic presenter and facilitator who “walks her talk”. She challenges people’s thinking, helps them unlock their vision and clarify their direction in life.

Heather has worked around the world stimulating and fascinating audiences with her ability to make personal development simple, fun and transforming.

Marlon Smith

Marlon Smith

Marlon Smith is a keynote inspirational speaker and he has been blessed with opportunities to inspire, teach and motivate thousands of individuals in 45 states in the USA and 14 countries across the globe.

We are excited to welcome Marlon back again for our online event to impart his wisdom and knowledge and help our amazing youth discover their greatness within.

Dale White

Dale White

As a successful young entrepreneur, Dale White runs his own Personal Training business that keeps growing in leaps and bounds. 

This success is not only due to his hard work but also his contagious passion for health and in particular healthy eating. His mission is to help people to Step Up and take control of their lives by creating abundance of healthy lifestyle options through massive action and achievable goals.

Anna Richards

Anna Richards

To say that Anna Richards is a powerhouse is an understatement.  She had her first online business at the age of 21, a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce by the age of 23, a career in Federal Politics under her belt before the age of 25.

Her mission in life is to help people from all walks of the globe to live their most extraordinary life by living an extraordinary life by example. She is a business owner, a leader of people of all ages and an International Speaker and Presenter.

Gianna Lucas

Gianna Lucas

As young person, Gianna Lucas experienced crippling and debilitating anxiety.  This coupled with significant bullying and chronic fatigue (as well an auto immune disease), meant that Gianna had less than ideal teenage years.  Gianna is living proof that with consistent effort and support you can move through these types of issues.

With a desire to empower young women and girls, she created a weekly podcast called The Promenade With Me Podcast.   She is also an educator with Beautiful Minds and a Board Member for Bridge Builders Youth Organisation – a Melbourne based charity who support at-risk teens.

Veenu Keller

Veenu Keller

Veenu Keller has dedicated her life to helping others achieve their personal goals. This life-long desire became a reality after years of extensive studies, specialized training, and her own journey of personal growth and self-development.   

While the road to success was not always easy, her journey has made her who she is today– a charismatic Inspirational Speaker, a Parent/Child Master Life Coach and Strategist, Certified Behavioral Consultant, Trainer for Tony Robbins, and Founder of the In Home TurnAround.

Wil Massara

Wil Massara

Wil Massara is an 18 year old social entrepreneur, committed to supporting youth across the globe to realise their true potential. After attending a Magic Moments Youth Leadership Summit at 14, Wil left inspired to make a change within his school, community and country, and began his leadership journey. This drive led to the birth of Youth Leadership Academy Australia.

Now, Wil has the opportunity to travel nationally and internationally to share his story, allowing young people to realise that age does not determine their ability to achieve extraordinary things. Even through the Covid impacted environment, Wil has found ways to continue to support youth to grow and develop their leadership potential.   

Our Youth Leadership & Business Summit is a program designed from the ground up to provide young people with real life strategies & tools to expand their leadership capabilities, encourage entrepreneurship & financial literacy and teach them the life skills required to live a successful & balanced life.