About Us
The Magic Moments Foundation

The Magic Moments Foundation is a group of like-minded volunteers who contribute to make community-based projects a success throughout Australia.

The programs that we have developed and currently run around Australia include:

Creating opportunities for young people to set their own standards for their futures.

The Basket Brigade began decades ago with one man’s decision to help families in need.

Grandies was born out of the desire to reach individuals who are often forgotten by society.

Our Purpose

The Magic Moments Foundation turns hope into reality. Our mission is to arm people with the knowledge, skills and support to enable them to become the person they need to be and to have the life they dream of having.

Our People

We are a group of big-hearted volunteers from all walks of life who know no limits and whose common purpose is to improve people’s lives.

Our How

Our committees of volunteers operate at a grassroots level on all our programs to ensure our efforts are directed to those most in need.
These passionate volunteers set outcomes for their programs, raise funds locally, seek support from local companies, organisations and individuals and implement their programs with the support of the wider community.

While from the outset it would appear the recipients of each program are the beneficiaries, the learnings and joy spreads much wider than that.  Many of our volunteers come to lend a hand and in the process find that the real gift is that of selfless giving.

Our Values

What drives us and the individuals from around Australia that help bring our programs to life? We're glad you asked!

Play as a team & love what we do

We are friends, we are united, we back each other. We work hard but have fun because we love what we do.

Be the change you seek

We encourage everyone to create positive change and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our organisation, our programs and our world.

Be energetically invested

Get involved & don’t be a passenger. We all add enormous value when we contribute.


We are a team that stands by its word and does what it says it is going to do.


We encourage diversity, different opinions and life experience and are open, approachable and supportive.

Dare to be great

We are leaders, we challenge, we push the boundaries, we aspire and inspire.