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Frequently Asked Questions
What sort of things are taught at the Youth Leadership Summit?

During the 5 days of the Summit we have amazing speakers come and share their knowledge and wisdom from all areas of life. 

We cover many aspects of leadership including but not limited to communication, team building, understand values and beliefs and how they impact on our own decision making processes. 

We also cover aspects of business including but not limited to financial literacy, investing (property & stock market), understanding the power of compounding and entrepreneurship. 

Finally, we cover critical issues that are facing our youth today including social media etiquette, bullying and the pressure of external peers groups and media.  

The Magic Moments Youth Leadership & Business Summit is an ever evolving program and we are proud to say not two programs are identical as we grow and develop the program.

Do you take into account special needs including food requirements and medical needs?

We have had many youth attend with medical needs that our onsite medics have been able to monitor.  We have a registered nurse on our crew and have in the past had doctors attend as crew members. 

We are always close to medical assistance should we need it.  With regards to food and food requirements we have had young people attend over the years with all kinds of requirements, including vegetarians, vegans, gluten intolerance, raw foodists and severe food allergies just to mention a few. 

We work closely with the kitchens at the venues to ensure everyone eats healthy and nutritious food while at the Summit. If any parent/guardian has any concerns then please call Cory Andrews on 0423 778 648 to have your questions answered.

Where do the youth come from that attend the Summit?

The youth that attend come from all across Australia and all walks of life.  The great thing about Magic Moments is when the youth arrive they come as themselves, not the house they live in or the car their parents drive, they just get to be themselves.

Our International contingent of youth is also growing each year, with young people joining us from New Zealand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore and the USA. We love the global wholeness we are able to share with the youth by bringing in young people from other countries.

What does the cost of the summit cover?

The Summit cost covers the accommodation for the 4 nights and 5 days.  Also the food from lunch on the first day to lunch on the last day.  All course materials are also included in the cost.

How do I know what to pack?

All attending youth will receive a facts sheet about 1 month before the Summit commences letting them know what they need to bring along with them.  There should be no need for you to rush out and have to purchase anything to attend the Magic Moments Summit.

What if I don’t know anyone else who is going?

One of the key feedback comments from all of our youth who have attended is how many new friends they made.  If you have a friend that would like to come along and there are still spaces available great, but if not don’t worry because you will not only make friends but they will be friends for life!

Do all of the adults at the Summit have police checks?

All crew over the age of 18 have the required valid Working with Children Checks.

What if we have a family emergency, can we get in contact with you during the Summit?

As an attendee you will receive emergency contact mobile numbers for the event crew so should someone from home need to contact you and they can’t get through to your mobile (or you don’t have one) then there will always be someone they can ring.

What is your Payment & Cancellation Policy?

Registrations for attending the Youth Leadership & Business Summit (YLBS) will be confirmed once payment is made in full. Registrations that are not paid in full prior to commencement of the event will mean that the registrant will not be able to attend.

In the event that a fully paid registration needs to be cancelled and a refund requested, the following provisions will apply and should be noted:

  1. Refunds must be formally requested in writing, stating the reason/s for cancelling the YLBS registration.
  2. Payment-processing fees (eg. bank fees, merchant fees etc.) that are deducted from a registrant’s payment shall not be refundable.
  3. An Administration Fee of $80.00 is deducted to cover costs of processing refunds.
  4. As our cancellation policy is based on the expenses that are incurred by Magic Moments Foundation (accommodation, transport and other expenses relating to your registration), and once paid these expenses cannot be recovered from suppliers, refunds of paid registrations are available as per the following schedule.

– Up to 1 March, a full refund can be claimed (less payment processing fees and the administration fee)

– Between 2 March and 30 April, a refund of 50% can be claimed (less payment processing fees and the administration fee)

– After 30 April, there are no refunds available as all costs associated with running the YLBS based on the number of attendees has been locked in and is non-refundable to Magic Moments Foundation.

You will also be able to hold the monies over and come the next year if you are unable to attend in the current year. This must be requested in writing and must be made before the 30 April.


In the event YLBS is unable to be held (e.g. a global pandemic) you can select to hold your funds over to the next event or request a refund (in writing) and the amount (less payment processing fees) will be refunded to you.



Should you have any other questions that have not been covered on this page feel free to email our team on with your questions – we would be more than happy to answer them for you.

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