Magic Moments & the Bendigo Bank Network are working together to grow the Youth of Today into the Leaders of Tomorrow!

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CEF sent you here to learn more about how our Youth Leadership & Business Program can help you grow your Youth Committee/Projects.

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Learn more about this incredible opportunity for the young people in your community.

Hear from Paris Murray, a participant who attended our event on behalf of her local Bendigo Bank branch.

What Is YLBS?

The Youth Leadership & Business Summit is Australia’s premier leadership event for young people.

Each year we bring 300 participants from around Australia & the World together for 5 days filled with content & experiential learning actvities delivered by speakers & facilitators from around the world (many of them young people themselves).

During these Covid Impacted times, youth have needed support more than ever and so we are working hard to rework our content to provide skills to help youth work through this changing world.

Our speakers deliver inspiring & engaging content that young people need to know. From sessions on entrepreneurship & money, to living a healthy lifestyle, effective communication and a range of leadership & teamwork skills & tools.

Who Can Attend?

Anyone aged 14-17 at the start of the Summit is encouraged to apply to join the event as a participant. 

Our participants are supported by a dedicated team of adults & young people, including attendees from previous years who have returned to step up into leadership roles.


The Youth Leadership & Business Summit has been developed by the Magic Moments Fondation to provide our young people with the tools & strategies they need to succeed in an ever-changing world.

We encourage all of our participants to return to their communities & schools & share what they’ve learnt. We also provide them with the opportunity to return to YLBS as a Graduate or Youth Coach in future years, to further their leadership skills and support future participants.

So now you know more about what the Magic Moments Youth Leadership & Business Summit is all about we would love to know how we can help you!

We want to know what your outcome is by being involved with this program, so if you are from any part of the Bendigo Bank Network we encourage you to register your interest using the button below.

Event Details


 2024 Residential Program:

July School Holidays


Saturday 29th June to Wednesday 3rd July 2024

Registration begins at 10am on Day1, with the event ending at approximately 3pm on Day 5.


2024 Residential Program:

This event will be held at the Collaroy Centre, which is located on Sydney’s northern beaches overlooking the stunning Long Reef Headland.

Collaroy Centre,
22 Homestead Avenue,
Collaroy NSW 2097


Outstanding young people aged 14-17 who are looking to learn strategies and tools 

This is a great opportunity to engage with the youth in your community and see how to create long lasting mutually beneficial relationships to help bring a youth perspective to your Community Bank.


20233 Residential Program:

5 days and 4 nights of amazing speakers, life lessons and knowledge shared to help our young people create strategies to determine and achieve their goals.

Included are all meals (lunch on Day 1 to lunch on Day 5), accommodation & materials.


2024 Residential Program:
Only $1697 for 5 days including meals, accommodation and all event & course materials.

This also includes a pre event webinar, the 6 week post event Leadership Challenge and 11 months of post event webinars by our fantastic speakers, keeping everyone on track!

How to Register

We are currently taking place reservations & expressions of interest from Bendigo Community Banks, Corporate Banks and Youth Foundations who would like to send youth from their community.

Click the Register Your Interest button below

Do I need to know which youth I'm sending when registering?

No, you do not need to know which youth you are sending, you just need to reserve the number of places you would like.

We will support you in finding the right youth from your community for your desired outcomes.

Please do not make any travel arrangements for getting to or from the summit until we have spoken with you. We will have coaches to transport youth to and from Sydney Airport.

Are you using Community Enterprise Funds?

We have created a streamlined process to make it simple for Bendigo Bank branches to use Community Enterprise Funds (CEFs) for supporting youth to attend this event.

We will reach out to discuss this further once we have received your place reservations. 

Want to hear more from our Bendigo Bank Sponsored Graduates?

Reflections – Bailee Russo – Graduated 2012

Reflections – Christi Kapp – Graduated 2014

Suggested Planning Time Frame for Community Banks and Youth Foundations


August to December

  • Invitation to the Bendigo Bank network to invest in sending young people from their community to the Magic Moments Youth Leadership & Business Summit.
  • Please discuss with your board and confirm interest by registering the number of young people you will send here.
  • You will be contacted by email or phone by Cory Andrews at Magic Moments to discuss how to recruit your young people and the next steps.
  • If you need promotional material please contact the Bendigo Bank Marketing Team or your CEF contact.
  • Reservations – we would love them by 31st December – please get your reservations in promptly to ensure you don’t miss out – you do not need to know the youth you are sending – just how many you would like to send.


  • Youth are on school holidays, still plenty of time to register your interest in sending a young person/people from your community.
  • If you haven’t yet spoken with Cory (Magic Moments) about how to maximise your opportunity then now would be a great time to do so.
  • Consider how you will be funding your Magic Moments program. If you hold a management account with the CEF (Community Enterprise Foundation) please contact your relationship manager on 1300 304 541, otherwise Magic Moments can provide you with an invoice.


  • Youth return to school, a great time for you to promote as much as possible in your community.
  • Please contact the Bendigo Marketing Team if you haven’t already to organise promotional material.
  • Look at getting local PR to cover the opportunity you are offering.


  • Now is a great time to be selecting your Youth – Easter holidays are fast approaching and by the end of March it will be only 16 weeks till the Summit commences – time goes so fast!


  • Generally Easter School Holidays are at the end of March or sometime in April.
  • Notify successful young person/people that they have been selected to attend.
  • Notify Cory of the name, phone number and email of your youth and their parents so she can contact them.
  • Once you have your youth selected get their flights booked so as to get best price.  Remember to speak with Cory first to get optimal times for flights.


  • All young people are required to complete their online Magic Moments registration form that includes consent information –  that will be emailed to them by Cory.
  • Finalisation of payment is required by Magic Moments.


  • Ensure young person is comfortable and ready for the summit.
  • If you have multiple attendees, ensure they have met, perhaps host a getting to know you meeting at the branch.
  • Invite young people to a board meeting to present on what they are interested in and what the hope to get from attending the YLBS.


  • Summit is held in July.
  • Ensure contact with your young person/people within 1-2 weeks of their return to touch base on how it all went.
  • Invite young people to next board meeting to present on MM.
  • Encourage their project ideas and share your expectations for them to report back to the board within a month or two.

Need More Information?

Cory Andrews

Cory is the Marketing Director of Magic Moments and a member of the board. She manages all aspects of the partnership between Magic Moments & the Bendigo Banks Network. – 0423 778 648

Bendigo Bank Network Involvement


Youth Sponsored by Bendigo Bank Branches

After 3 years of global upheaval and uncertainty in all things, not just events, we were able to bring back the residential 5 day program and the Community Banks were happy to be back with us.

Fifty seven amazing young people from Community Banks across Australia made the trek to Sydney for the 2023 Youth Leadership and Business Summit.

These young people were a little different, but we think everyone was a little different after the craziness of the last 3 years.

But like always they arrived uncertain but left us with certainty in themselves and a wide range of new friends that they will have for life.



Youth Sponsored by Bendigo Bank Branches

In 2020 the world was turned upside down with a global health issue.

Unable to provide our annual residential program, like many organisations in the world, the Magic Moments Youth Program moved online.

Being as flexible as possible a 3 day program was delivered to youth to help support them through a time unseen by any adults or youth previously,

Our amazing speakers took their best and most relevant content and provided a program that gave young people skills to help support them through trying times.

The Community Banks stepped up to support youth in their community during this time and continued to give their youth an opportunity with attending the Magic Moments Online programs. The youth who participated found value in the program (even though alot of them were very much over online learning).


Youth Sponsored by Bendigo Bank Branches

In 2019 the Community Banks smashed all previous attendance and contributed 65 youth from their communities to attend the program.

In this year we had some new community banks join us and some of our long term supporters significantly increase the number of youth sent.

More exciting is that on returning home a number of the community banks have their past participants creating Alumni Groups for their current and past participants to come together and create even greater support opportunities for the youth in their communities.


Youth Sponsored by Bendigo Bank Branches

The 2018 program was the biggest to date with 176 new attendees, of which 50 were sponsored by Bendigo Community Banks.  We had some more interest from NSW & QLD branches that had not previously participated and were excited to have visitors from the Galston CB Branch. 

Our graduate program also consisted of 40%  of youth who were previously sponsored by Bendigo Community Banks, many of whom had funded their own return. A truly great outcome for their learning and strategy implementation from the previous year.


Youth Sponsored by Bendigo Bank Branches

Forty-three new youth were supported to attend the 2017 summit and it was most exciting to have 3 of the NSW Bendigo Community Banks sending youth in this year. 

The number of returning graduates continues to grow, which is always very exciting to see the young people develop further.  Feedback from the parents was also exceptional for this year and gratitude was the theme of all the emails and calls we received from the parents. 

We also had 2 adults supported to attend the new IGNITE program for adults, enabling them to take back skills to better communicate with youth in their community and to share these skills with others.


Youth Sponsored by Bendigo Bank Branches

An exciting 2016 saw 52 young people supported by the Bendigo Bank Network Members in Victoria and Western Australia attend what was our largest Summit to date.

Even more exciting was that 20 of the youth in our Graduate program were youth originally sponsored to attend their first summit by a Bendigo Community Bank or Foundation and our first youth Coaches graduated – one of them was one of the original youth from 2012 and the Wantirna Community Bank.

We also had a couple of visitors from the NSW Bendigo Team.  This was a great outcome for 2016.


Youth Sponsored by Bendigo Bank Branches

We had another 46 youth participate at our first event in Sydney – which was fantastic as 45 of them came from interstate. In our Graduate program we had 16 youth return that had previously been supported to attend by Community Banks and Youth Foundations and all were funded by themselves.

In our leadership team, one of the original youth from 2012 was promoted to the position of Leader and many more were promoted to Youth Leader positions. These young people are now leading the way and paying it forward to the next generations of youth.


Youth Sponsored by Bendigo Bank Branches

46 youth sponsored from across Australia attended and Jasmin Bradshaw from Lead On joined the crew. As the Summit was held in Victoria we were grateful to have many visitors during the week from Community Bank Boards, Branches and Bendigo Corporate teams.

Many attendees from the previous year returned to be a part of the Graduate program, all self-supported and 2 of the young ladies from 2012 were graduated to the Youth Leadership Team – an exceptional result in such a short time.


Youth Sponsored by Bendigo Bank Branches

30 youth and 3 crew – including Lead On’s own Gemma Welch – attended the event held in Noosa in 2013. The word had got out that this was a great way to get youth involved in their community bank and grow leadership skills in the youth that benefit not only themselves but also their communities.

Two of the youth that attended in 2012 returned to the Graduate program self-supported, a great outcome. These young ladies also participated in a number of community projects through the year representing their Bendigo Community Bank.


Youth Sponsored by Bendigo Bank Branches

Since 2012 we have been working to grow and develop this opportunity between the Magic Moments Foundation Youth Programs and the Bendigo Bank Network.

4 young ladies from the Wantirna Community Bank attended our Youth Leadership & Business Summit along with volunteer Crew member and Branch Manager Sarah Thurrowgood.

This summit was held in Brisbane, Malcolm Frizell popped in for an hour to see what the Summit was all about and ended up staying the whole day to help with and provide advice to the business creation teams.

Our Youth Leadership & Business Summit is a program designed from the ground up to provide young people with real life strategies & tools to expand their leadership capabilities, encourage entrepreneurship & financial literacy and teach them the life skills required to live a successful & balanced life.