Youth Leadership

Thank You!

We thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to our vision – a transformational program for Youth that will allow them to see and understand that life, their life, ​in particular, is a gift and their only mission is to live it to the full!

What We Believe…

We believe that only through personal transformation, true acceptance of one another and to start every conversation, action and activity with a sincere desire for peace and abundance for all – is how we will begin to make a difference in the world.

It is through the dawning of such an awareness – beginning with our youth that real change will happen.

What is Youth Leadership?

Our Youth Leadership program is one that:

  • Accepts that teenagers’ have intense emotions.
  • Surrounds the youth with inspirational individuals who mentor and coach them.
  • Teaches them to set goals that stretch and challenge them.
  • Increases their self–esteem so they are more confident to cope with the challenges of life.
  • Allows them to articulate their opinions and enter into discussions confidently.
  • Constantly teaches them new skills to motivate and empower them.

Imagine if all Australians aged 14 to 17 were given this type of structure, education, training and support how different their lives would be and how different Australia would be?

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The Magic Moments Anthem by Kristen Sharma

Kristen Sharma has done it again with her song Shine for the Magical Moments organization in Australia. Kristen is a multiple award winning entrepreneur and a singer/songwriter from the United States of America who is known around the world for creating beautiful music for good causes.

She has written and performed music for the largest women’s conference in the USA (The California Women’s Conference) and opened for 5 time Grammy Award winner TobyMac. She has also co-written and recorded with #1 singer/songwriter Eliot Sloan, and has been a guest singer/speaker for the Anthony Robbins Global Youth Leadership Summit where she had 350 youth from 21 countries singing arm-in-arm her original songs of love and peace.

Her mission is to heal and inspire 1 billion people around the world with her voice and music. She is the creator of the Shine project, co-writer of the Shine song and lead vocalist.

How it works…

A program to enhance Youth Leadership & Personal Skills

Ongoing interaction with teachers and teens

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