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Sponsorship – Speakers

It would not be possible to run our amazing Youth Leadership & Business Summit without the very generous speakers who give freely of their time to share their knowledge with all our wonderful participants, graduates and crew. Since 2009 the following people have been a part of one or more of our programs, taking time out from their busy lives, leaving their families and businesses to come and share and to pay it forward. We hope that should you ever need their services you consider them, not only because they are great at what they do but also because they are wonderfully giving human doings!

Heather Yelland

Heather Yelland is widely regarded as a powerful and energetic presenter and facilitator who “walks her talk”. She challenges people’s thinking, helps them unlock their vision and clarify their direction in life. Heather has worked around the world stimulating and fascinating audiences with her ability to make personal development simple, fun and transforming.

Rachel Bell

Rachel has been involved in the personal development industry since she was 16 and is the CEO of Free Spirit Girl, a global company that facilitates personal development workshops and leadership events for teen girls. Her mission is to educate, motivate, and inspire girls to develop healthy body image, and build lasting self-esteem through equipping them with self-leadership tools that help girls express their innate gifts and build the life of their dreams.

Brent Williams

Brent Williams is one of Australia’s top professional speakers and is a leading authority on peak performance strategies that will give you the edge in life. At just 19, he wrote his first book titled, “The World At Your Feet”, which has been a best-seller both in Australia and overseas. Brett is committed to sharing his key messages with young people to help them be their best!

Dale White

Dale White is an Exercise Scientist, Speaker, Personal Trainer, and Young Entrepreneur from Australia. At 15, he started attending personal and professional development seminars and conferences around Australia. Through high school he represented several regional, state and national sports teams across multiple sports. Coming from a family of successful coaches who trained numerous Olympians and World Champions, Dale’s standards of excellence in training and coaching were always going to be high. At 19 he started his own fitness company, Ripple Fitness and has since trained thousands of people from the ages of 3 to 80. His mission is to transform lives through Health & Fitness. His hard work ethic and ability to motivate people in the community was acknowledged by the city of Logan in 2014 when he was awarded the Youth Citizen of the Year Award. Dale holds a double Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science & Business from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). He is a regular on the Australian speaker’s circuit, educating and empowering kids, teenagers and adults on the topic of Health & Fitness. Visit his website at: www.ripplefitness.com.au

Marlon Smith

Marlon Smith is a keynote motivational speaker and he  has been blessed with opportunities to inspire, teach  and motivate thousands of individuals in 45 states and 14 countries throughout the world. We are excited to welcome Marlon back for his fourth year as a keynote speaker to impart his wisdom and knowledge and help our amazing youth discover their greatness within.

Joh Graney

Andrew Davey

Andrew Davey is someone who shares his experiences as a coach and speaker to inspire youth to be all they can be. His favourite quote being “We cannot always build the future for our Youth but we can build our youth for the future”. As the founder of Purpose Led Wealth Creation, Andrew shares with his audience how they can not only look inside themselves to discover who they truly are, but also to appreciate the steps they need to take in order to Find, Follow and FUND their dreams. His Success in business at a very young age has now given him the gift of helping guide youth to not only understand Financial literacy but how they can create an impact in the world by an inspired and purpose driven mission. You can find out more about how Andrew leads youth into their journey at www.purposeledwealth.com


Become a sponsor TODAY and transform the life of an Australian teenager! $1427 is all it takes – and you will receive an official tax receipt. Donations over $2 are tax deductible. If you want to speak to us first, call Julie Bowden on 0406 488 213 or email [email protected]

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So I cannot contain my excitement, all my life, I’ve been quite… Distant from my family, and tonight we had a fight, you know, the usual kind of fights that usually just go in circles… So I stopped and I was thinking, this is so repetitive, this negative circle of blaming and problems. Then I thought, no, this can change, what have I learnt over the past year, I can change this! I asked my mum if I could just try something, she stopped talking a little confused, and I said to each and every one of them what I really appreciated about them, they then followed, and I spent the rest of the time planning family activities we would all enjoy so we could build more healthy/ positive relationships together, and to be honest I’m super excited because I recon this might actually work, and I have you guys to thank and I
can’t imagine where I’d be if I never went to magic moments 🙂
Hello everyone! Tonight I’m receiving the Kooyong Student Prize Award from Josh Frydenberg MP. The award is for academics but is mostly for the extracurricular and leadership activities i complete outside of school time, or to help around the school! I would no way be getting this award without magic moments which opened the doors to so many wonderful opportunities for me. So thank you thank you thank you xxxxxxxxx ♥
I talked to my year level about MMF today. Did a 10 minute presentation on what we did there and what an incredible experience it was. I felt amazing afterwards and I wasn’t even nervous when talking at all. Next week im talking at my house assembly about Fear and what stops us from ‘taking a leap of faith’
Today, I did something I won’t ever forget and it has helped me grow us a person and into the leader I want to be. For my organ donation campaign “Give Life Life Live” I went and presented to The Peninsula School a private school around the corner from my school. As I was getting on stage to talk, I could feel my chest tighten and my hands started to shake but I was not going to let that stop me! I looked fear right in the eye and said no I can do this, just breathe. So I then presented the best I ever have to around 450 people…. I wouldn’t have been able to that if Magic Moments didn’t give me those tools to do so! So thank you.
I love feeling the accomplishment of completing things! especially those things that you have said ‘no way i can not do that!!’ about 🙂 I’m feeling this about school work right now and now i am over the moon because i finally finished it.. but my point is that it reminded me about camp! The board challenge, as soon as Brent showed what we were doing with the board i automatically said ‘there is no way i will be able to do that!’ after that night I have eliminated so many ‘i can’t do that’ in my life and replaced them with ‘I can do this!’

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