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Sponsors & Supporters

An event like the Magic Moments Youth Leadership & Business Summit doesn’t happen without a couple of key ingredients. One of those very important ingredients are our very generous Sponsors and Supporters. They are the chocolate chips in our cookies and without them we wouldn’t be able to positively impact the lives of so many young Australians. We thank them for their continued support and we hope should you ever need their products or services you consider purchasing from them.

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Become a sponsor TODAY and transform the life of an Australian teenager! $1427 is all it takes – and you will receive an official tax receipt. Donations over $2 are tax deductible. If you want to speak to us first, call Julie Bowden on 0406 488 213 or email [email protected]

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So I cannot contain my excitement, all my life, I’ve been quite… Distant from my family, and tonight we had a fight, you know, the usual kind of fights that usually just go in circles… So I stopped and I was thinking, this is so repetitive, this negative circle of blaming and problems. Then I thought, no, this can change, what have I learnt over the past year, I can change this! I asked my mum if I could just try something, she stopped talking a little confused, and I said to each and every one of them what I really appreciated about them, they then followed, and I spent the rest of the time planning family activities we would all enjoy so we could build more healthy/ positive relationships together, and to be honest I’m super excited because I recon this might actually work, and I have you guys to thank and I
can’t imagine where I’d be if I never went to magic moments 🙂
Hello everyone! Tonight I’m receiving the Kooyong Student Prize Award from Josh Frydenberg MP. The award is for academics but is mostly for the extracurricular and leadership activities i complete outside of school time, or to help around the school! I would no way be getting this award without magic moments which opened the doors to so many wonderful opportunities for me. So thank you thank you thank you xxxxxxxxx ♥
I talked to my year level about MMF today. Did a 10 minute presentation on what we did there and what an incredible experience it was. I felt amazing afterwards and I wasn’t even nervous when talking at all. Next week im talking at my house assembly about Fear and what stops us from ‘taking a leap of faith’
Today, I did something I won’t ever forget and it has helped me grow us a person and into the leader I want to be. For my organ donation campaign “Give Life Life Live” I went and presented to The Peninsula School a private school around the corner from my school. As I was getting on stage to talk, I could feel my chest tighten and my hands started to shake but I was not going to let that stop me! I looked fear right in the eye and said no I can do this, just breathe. So I then presented the best I ever have to around 450 people…. I wouldn’t have been able to that if Magic Moments didn’t give me those tools to do so! So thank you.
I love feeling the accomplishment of completing things! especially those things that you have said ‘no way i can not do that!!’ about 🙂 I’m feeling this about school work right now and now i am over the moon because i finally finished it.. but my point is that it reminded me about camp! The board challenge, as soon as Brent showed what we were doing with the board i automatically said ‘there is no way i will be able to do that!’ after that night I have eliminated so many ‘i can’t do that’ in my life and replaced them with ‘I can do this!’

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If you have any questions and you can’t find the answer on this website then please contact us at [email protected] and we would love to speak with you. Alternatively, you can call the below listed numbers.

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