From Shyest Teen in the Class to Public Speaker,
in just 5 days no less!

So how does this happen? How does a teenage girl who would never think of speaking up in class suddenly be presenting in front of audiences of 300 plus people?

Paris Murray, by her own admission, was a shy girl who everyday went to school, did her work and then went home again. She never joined any groups, she never spoke up or out and she never started anything that would bring any attention to herself. Why Paris chose to be this person could be attributed to any number of things. Being bullied severely as a young person may have had something to do with it.

Like other young people Paris had all the regular teen issues, relationships with siblings and friends, concerns about her future and how to navigate the world while trying to work out her place in it.

When one of her school teachers at Mt Eliza Secondary College nominated her to apply for a scholarship, from the local Mt Eliza Bendigo Community Bank, to attend a youth leadership and business program she was not sure what it was about but she trusted her teacher. She knew that if her teacher thought she could do it then she probably could.

Paris also had a recently real appreciation for how precious life is, with a close relative having been struck by a life threating illness.

Trusting her teacher and knowing life is short she applied and was successful in gaining a full scholarship to attend the leadership program.

At the end of the 5 day program, Paris left with a resolve to be the person she truly was, not the person she had become because of negative outside influences. She had stepped into her greatness and now she knew what she wanted to do.

Using the belief and skills that she learned at the Summit she returned to her school and rallied a dozen young people from her school together. She shared with them her dream to help others and together they created an Organ Donation Awareness Program. She, and the rest of her team, started speaking to anyone who would listen. They spoke to individuals all the way through to groups of over 300 plus people about the importance of being an organ donor. After just three short months Paris and her Give Life, Live Life team had helped to add another 300 people to the organ donation registry from their small town. This was a mammoth effort in such a short time given not only Paris, but also her team mates, would never have thought of public speaking just a few short months previously. Not only had Paris transformed into a confident and focused public speaker but she had also helped her friends to grow their skills too.

The young people from Give Life, Live Life will continue their efforts to create an awareness around organ donation with a goal to help increase donation registrations and in doing so will continue to build their skills and self esteem.

Each year, at the Magic Moments Youth Leadership & Business Summit, we see all kind of teens join us. Helping young people step into their greatness and understand that they are enough and they can make a difference is just one of the many aspects taught and shared at this youth summit.

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