Grandies Program

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Grandies was born in 2001, initially under the Sydney Basket Brigade and out of the desire of a small group of Magic Moments Foundation volunteers, to put a smile on the faces of a group of people often forgotten by society.

This program now reaches across Australia, focusing on the elderly, the grandmas and grandpas who may either be at home alone or in hostels or nursing homes with no family nearby to support them.

Our Grandies program provides the opportunity to support these wonderful elders of our society by helping to provide them with much needed items, and through those gifts let them know that there are people that care for them.  Through our gifting program we aim to make these Grand Oldies (Grandies) feel cared for, honoured and valued still as important members of our community.

Our members seek out the Grandies Wishlists, match them to our volunteer donors who would like to donate those gifts, and then ensure that they are delivered to the correct Grandies providing surprise and joy to their lives.

Get Involved In Your Community

Grandies is now in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast – so if you would like to get involved please use the contact details below.

If you are outside of these areas but want to get involved, please get in touch with our National Coordinator using the details below.

New South Wales


Argiry Nasr

Email Address:


Brisbane & Gold Coast

Rachel Pick

Email Address:



Michelle Delinac

Email Address:

Can’t see your area here?

We are continuously looking for people who want to start a Grandies Gifting Program in their community. If you are interested, just email Cory at

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do all of the Grandies have a unique code/ID?
For privacy reasons and to ensure the safety and protection of our Grandies.
Can I adopt more than one Grandies?
You sure can! In fact, we encourage it. Just let us know in your email that you wish to adopt more than one Grandie.
Do I buy the gifts myself?

Yes, or a group of friends or family can help to buy the gifts for your adopted Grandy. You can even ask local businesses or shops to donate the wish list item/s.

Please let us know if you are unable to purchase any of the items as we need to ensure that all wish lists are fulfilled – this is an incredibly important part of our mission!

What if I am unable to find an item that is specified on my Grandie's wish list?
Not to worry, you can always get a gift card/voucher for the approximate amount of what the wish list item costs if you are unable to find the exact item. Your adopted Grandie would appreciate the opportunity to go shopping.
What happens after I have purchased all of the items on my Grandie's wish list?
We would love for you to place them in a gift bag – no need to wrap them. You then drop off your completed wish list gift bags for your adopted Grandies before the appointed time at the location set by the coordinator in your area.
Can I get a tax-deductible receipt for the items I have purchased?

When you make an online financial donation our system will automatically send you a tax deductible receipt (for all donations over $2).  If you would like a letter confirming the items donations you have gifted in your Grandies Gift Bags then please email us and we will provide you with the process to make this happen.

My organisation can benefit from being recipients of the Grandies program. How can we participate?
Great! If you are a non-profit organisation and believe that your clients can benefit from receiving a wish list of items, please get in contact with us.

How It Works

Making wishes come true is not as easy as blowing out a bunch of candles and wishing on a falling star. It takes the collective effort of a network of volunteers willing to give up a portion of their time to help others in need. In fact, a lot goes on behind the scenes prior to granting a wish.


Participating Nursing Homes, Aged Care facilities, Men’s and Women’s Shelters and other partner organisations send us a list of their residents who are in need of a Grandies Giftbag.


The organisations send us a list of items that their residents need. These are often items that most of us would take for granted but aren’t readily available to our Grandies.

Collection of Gifts

Our supporters (individuals, businesses and organisations) select their chosen Grandies to adopt and receive their wish list to fulfill. They then purchase / collect the items and place into a gift bag.

Connection & Gifting

Our supporters then deliver their bags full of love and wishes to the Grandies drop locations, where each gift bag is checked and topped up where necessary, then delivered to the deserving and surprised Grandies by our volunteers.

Our mission is to never allow a wish to go unfulfilled

How else can you help?

Truly, we cannot do it on our own. We need your help. Become a supporter and adopt one or more Grandies today by sending an email to the coordinator of the Grandies program nearest you.

We will send you an updated list of the Grandies awaiting adoption, and you just have to reply with the top three Grandies you would like to adopt.

Then again, if you are too busy to go out and buy these things on your own, you can still help make the wishes of these Grandies come true by clicking on the Donate Now button below. Please also help spread the word by liking our Facebook page, or by telling your friends or family about the program.