Basket Brigades

It all started with one man’s decision to bring hope to the lives of families in need.

The Basket Brigades began more than three decades ago when, now internationally-renowned life and business strategist, Anthony Robbins, was overwhelmed with the kindness and generosity that a stranger showed him and his family one Thanksgiving Day, by knocking on their front door and offering his family a basket of fresh food. Robbins’ family were so poverty-stricken that he had never had a proper meal his entire life. This act of human kindness was the trigger that set Robbins on a path of changing the world and making people happier and “making it better” as he states.

From that day, Robbins vowed to do whatever he could to let other families and in particular, the children in underprivileged families, feel that people did care about them and their situation and were willing to help. Robbins’ pure intent has manifested into an international campaign to provide food and gifts to people who need it most through a program called The Basket Brigades.

Now all over the world at around Thanksgiving in the USA and Christmas in most other places around the world, from London to Sydney, Los Angeles to Kabul and Myanmar to Mongolia, thousands of volunteers gather to make beautiful Thanksgiving Day or Christmas baskets to give to families who can’t afford to put food on their table or give their child even a small gift for Christmas. In Australia, the Basket Brigades operate under the Magic Moments Foundation and rely on hundreds of volunteers nationwide to pull off one of the biggest logistical exercises considered.

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Can’t See Your Area?

Contact us to see how you can get involved!

Thanks to passionate and dedicated individuals just like you, we’ve been able to expand across Australia.

If you would like to learn more about setting up a Basket Brigade in your area or are keen to help in other ways, click the button below, fill out the form and someone from our team will be in touch.

Our Motivation

We believe it is important to share our blessings with families who may not have food to eat during the holidays. While the gifts we bring may seem simple and ordinary, the seeds we plant in the lives of the people who receive our baskets have an extraordinary impact.

And just like Tony Robbins requested when he delivered his first baskets, the only thing we ask of the people who receive the gift baskets is that, when the time comes and if they are able to, that they pay it forward and show the same level of kindness and generosity to another family.

The fruits of our actions are visible every year in the growth of the MMF Basket Brigades across Australia with chapters in every capital city and many regional cities as well and hundreds of volunteers participating in raising funds, gathering donations, collecting food, clothes, toys and other items to give to new families. The most powerful display of the power of the Brigades is that many of the new volunteers were once recipients of a basket from our Basket Brigade teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose the families that receive baskets?

Our Basket Brigades work with local grassroots community groups and organisations that work with the families in need.

By connecting with these groups we are able to help them provide much-needed​ services that they would otherwise struggle to provide. We are also able to identify the people most worthy of the donations.

What areas do you deliver baskets to?
We deliver baskets to wherever they are needed. If you are aware of an area or family that might need assistance, please let our coordinators know.
How much of the money raised goes back into the community?

We are a not for profit organisation that is run totally by volunteers who care about making a difference in the lives of others. The only administrative fees we have are some basic postage costs and our insurances. This means that approximately 98-99% of the funds raised are used on the projects, programs and people in the community.

Where possible all of our brochures and marketing materials are donated by generous businesses who are keen supporters of the Basket Brigade. If you have a business and would like to support us give us a call or drop us an email – we would love to hear from you.

Is my donation Tax Deductible?

The Basket Brigades listed on this website are a program of the Magic Moments Foundation of Australia which is a registered non-profit charity. Any donation over $2 will receive a tax deductible receipt which you can then use to claim as a tax deduction.

What types of items go into the baskets?

The baskets consist of staple foods, festive foods and items as well as toys for the children of the families. Pasta, rice, tinned and fresh foods accompany Christmas cakes, tinned ham, custard and jelly.

The idea is to provide yummy things to make a festive Christmas Day and staple items for the days before and after. We also often provide hampers with slight variations for families who may have dietary or religious restrictions around particular foods if we are made aware of this.

Do the recipients know where the basket has come from?

The baskets are given anonymously – in the true spirit of Christmas,​ these baskets are a gift to show that there are people who love and care for them even if they never find out who these people are.

A small note is included in the parcel that lets them know that this is a gift from someone that cares and encourages them to do the same when the day comes that they are able to.

How It Works

The Basket Brigade program is built on the simple notion that one small act of generosity on the part of one caring person can transform the lives of hundreds.


Our volunteers collect generous donations in the form of money, food, clothes, toys, books, etc.


Throughout the year volunteers actively promote the program and find out who in their community is in most need of support.

The Call

Save the Dates are sent out to notify volunteers a month before packing day.

Packing Day

Hundreds of volunteers gather in church, school and community halls around Australia to fill baskets.
and last but not least…

Gifting Day

The baskets are delivered to the families to bring joy and happiness to their lives at Christmas.

Your Participation

Help us keep the circle of giving intact by volunteering for Packing Day or donating food or goods. Sign up to receive more information, or you may contact the representative from the Basket Brigade nearest you for details.

We change lives.. one basket at a time!